Heating up for CL in Brest

CO Zagreb - Meshkov 3

Belarus Brest will tomorrow host a match between two last year's SEHA GSS F4 participants, Meshkov and PPD Zagreb. This will be their sixth clash in SEHA GSS League with Meshkov currently leading with 3:2. They were better both times at home in last two seasons (30:25 and 21:19) as well as in the first in Croatian capital (32:29). Last year Zagreb was better at home with (26:20) as well as in semi-final of F4 in Skopje two years ago with 31:29.

Zagreb is traveling to Brest with a win in Osijek and a loss in Zagreb behind of them. By that, their coach Boris Dvošek has been sacked and the team will be led by Dvoršek's assistants Zlatko Saračević and Mario Kelentrić. Meshkov has opened the season with two victories, over Borac and NEXE, making this their first and last strong League match before CL's challenges.

Željko Babić, Meshkov's coach:

- Our opponent is just like us on EHF CL's level. Their coach was sacked because of a loss in the last round against Tatran and I'm sure team will play above their limits, they must be highly motivated. Match will not be easy for us, we still do not know if we'll be able to have Pešić, Špiler, Manojlović and Kamyhyk in roster due to their injuries.

Maxim Babichev, Meshkov’s player:

- The match will be difficult. Of course, opponent will be motivated to beat us and show that the match against tatran at home was only a bad day but we also have obligation for our fans to play the best we can and win this match for them. You can be sure we'll give everything on the court

Zlatko Saračević, PPD Zagreb's coach:

- Meshkov has reinforced much this season and it has brought them into EHF CL's group stage. They are one of the best opponent you can play against in this League but we're Zagreb and we are always looking to win the match. Situation in our team with injuries is not so good either. We're still not sure if we'll be able to count on J. Valčić, Obranović and Horvat.

Luka Stepančić, PPD Zagreb's player:

- Brest is always dangerous for us. We have managed to take points from each town in SEHA GSS League except from there. We have on top of all that lost our coach this week but this is not the first time we are in a situation like this. I'm sure this big change will 'wake us up' a bit and that we'll find a way to finally bring some points back home from Belarus.