Tatran's first win in Zagreb

Prva pobjeda Tatrana u Zagrebu

PPD Zagreb - Tatran Prešov 2 (14/15)

PPD Zagreb has as a part of SEHA GSS League's 2nd round hosted Slovak champion Tatran from Prešov in 'Kutija šibica'/'Matchbox' sports hall. Tatran has for the first time managed to take 'full bags' from Zagreb to Slovakia winning 21:25.

Guests have opened the match in a better way leading through the whole first half. Hosts have only once managed to catch the equaliser - at 4:4. Tatran was playing great in defense, their goalkeeper Krupa was on the required level and it has brought them lead at the end of the first half (9:11). Zagreb was not able to speed up the tempo which has given Tatran's coach Peter David a chance to make attack-defense changes and even give his most important players time to rest a bit. Antl was Tatran's best scorer in the first half with 3 goals, all from 7 meter line. Krupa added 6 saves. Horvat, Stepančić and Obranović have on the other side scored 2 each for multiple Croatian champions. First half has really proved why this has become one of SEHA GSS League's best derbies.

Zagreb has opened the second half in a much better way with a 3:0 series reaching equaliser at 14:14 after Stepančić' goal and it seemed like they were going to take control of the match. But, Tatran has 10 minutes into the second half continued playing in the way they did in the first half which has again brought advantage back on their side. Home team's defense was not able to stop 'Latvian giant' Dainis Kritopans who was constantly, in combination with today outstanding pivot Michal Kopčo, dangerous for Zagreb's goal either scoring goals or assisting his team mates. Krupa has in the end saved a couple of Zagreb's clear situations and it meant only one thing, that Tatran was for the first going to bring points back to Prešov from Croatian capital.

Radoslav Antl and Dainis Kristopans were in the end Tatran's best scorers scoring 6 goals each. Krupa was also outstanding between the posts, especially in decisive moments of the match with 10 saves in the end. Josip Valčić was on the other side PPD Zagreb's best individual scoring 6 goals. Obraović added 4 and Filip Ivić had 8 saves.

Peter David, Tatran's coach:

- We've believed from the beginning that we can win this match. The most important thing was to play good in defense and I am happy we've managed to do it. I am of course satisfied because of the victory but the other things that makes me happy to is that we can play even better when our currently injured players return.

Boris Dvoršek, PPD Zagreb's coach: 

- We've played a very bad match especially in attack. There were too many mistakes and I believe this was not the 'real' Zagreb. Our defense was OK but with offense like this it was impossible to beat such a good team like Tatran.

Andrej Petro, Tatran's player: 

- This was our third hard match in a row and I'm glad we've manage to win it. We've showed character here today, played very good in defense and I believe we have to play like this all the time. We've had a bit of luck in the end with Zagreb missing too many clear opportunities but that's handball. I am sure we can play even better. 

Domagoj Pavlović, PPD Zagreb's player:

- We did not play as we've agreed before the match. Our poor offense has in the end in my opinion decided the match. There were too many technical mistakes , there is nothing else left to say. 

Zagreb will in the next round travel to Brest to play Meshkov and Tatran will host Serbian champions - Vojvodina.