Vojvodina and Radnički catch one point each in Kragujevac

Vojvodina i Radnički podelili bodove u Kragujevcu

Radnicki - Vojvodina 2 (14/15)

No winner in Serbian derby in SEHA GAZPROM South Stream League! The match between Radnički and Vojvodina has finished with a result 24:24 although current Serbian champions were leading with +5 on the break (10:15). Vojvodina was really close to three points but home team’s goalkeeper Dušan Petrović has managed to save Marjanović’ shot 15 seconds before the end of the match. Until the end, Radnički was not able to seriously attack Vojvodina’s goal.

Team from Novi Sad has from the beginning of the match taken control of it mostly due to some great goals by experienced left winger Boban Živković.  Radnički has, on wings of their back line, managed to catch them at 9:10 but Serbian champions have finished the first half with 5:1 series led by Datukashvili, Elezović and Ivanović.

In the beginning of the second half it seemed like Vojvodina was going to keep their lead easily but then Radnički began to play much stronger and more concentrated in defense which has given them a chance to slowly come closer to their guests. In 49th minute of the match, home team has finally managed to catch an equaliser at 20:20. Until the end it was played goal-for-goal with Pralica scoring, for Radnički, crucial goal only 30 seconds before the final whistle.

Filip Marjanović, Vojvodina’s left wing:

- We did not in the end manage to take full ‘bags’ back to Novi Sad. We were not playing good enough in the second half which has given Radnički a chance to catch us. Now we have to forget this match as soon as possible, keep our head up and prepare for the upcoming matches.

Đorđe Ćirković, Vojvodina’s coach:

- Home team’s wish and desire has in the end brought them a well deserved point. We were not good when we were on +5 and it has turned the match upside down. You simply can’t reach a positive result when you have so much clear opportunities missed in a single match. I believe we can’t be satisfied with a point because we’ve had the match under our control for the whole time.

Ivan Šmigić, Radnički’s left back:

- I want to congratulate Vojvodina on a good game today. They’ve had the match under control, but that isn't enough when you play in Kragujevac. You have to play for 60 minutes. There was a huge difference between our first and second half performance. I hope that we’ll  manage to play all 60 minutes on a high level in our upcoming matches.

Nedeljko Vučković, Radnički’s coach:

- I have expected this to be a hard match, especially because this was our SEHA GSSL’s debut. I believe two best Serbian teams have showed that they are real sport rivals and that they both know how to play good, attractive handball. The final result is in my opinion fair, although Vojvodina has had a lead during the bigger part of the match. We need to learn a lot from this match and I believe we can only get better in future.