Serbian derby on SEHA GSS premiere in Kragujevac

Srpski derbi na SEHA GSS premijeri u Kragujevcu

Radnicki - Vojvodina 4 (14/15)

Serbian vice-champions RK Radnički Kragujevac will meet compatriots - RK Vojvodina Novi Sad, on their debut at SEHA Gazprom South Stream League. The Serbian derby at Jezero hall will be played on Wednesday, 19 hrs, and that would be a chance for all handball lovers in center of Šumadija, to see two best Serbian teams, who made decision about the Serbian championship title in the finish of previous season.

Nedeljko Vučković, Radnički coach:

- We are ready to leave our hearts to the ground and make revenge to them for all what happened in the previous season. I believe that our team is capable to reach the middle of the table in regional league, and, afterward, attack the Championship title in domestic play-off. We have to beat all the rivals of similar quality at home court to achieve that goal. Six SEHA GSS teams are playing at EHF Champions League with ten and more NT’s players. This is for us an intro to the season in which we want to take more serious role on regional, but also, European stage. I strongly believe that, with all we made in the last season, we deserved stronger support of our home fans. I expect that hall will be full from tomorrow.

Dušan Petrović, Radnički goalkeeper:

- I believe in our good performance and victory, regardless my opinion that Vojvodina is even stronger than last season.  I expect to win with the support of our fans, and to continue season with good motivation and atmosphere.

Djordje Ćirković, Vojvodina's coach:

- In the first two matches of SEHA league we wanted to make a good impression and to improve game by game,we respect Radnicki but we want win,last season Radnicki and Vojvodina were rivals for title,are advantage is that we allredy have 4 matches behind us and Radnicki will play first competitive match, I expect very tough match and motivated opponent,I think better defence will decide the winner

Mladen Ivanović, Vojvodina's player:

- This is the match between two best teams in Serbia,that guarantees a good match,we are ready and we will do our best to win first points in this years SEHA league