Veszprem bringing three points back home from a tough match in Prešov

Tatran - MKB-MVM Veszprem 7 (14/15)

Current Slovak champion Tatran has in the second round of SEHA GSS League in Prešov hosted one of the best European teams, Hungarian MKB MVM Veszprem in the League's first true derby. Despite of the fact that the home team was leading 16:12 after first 30 minutes, last season's EHF CL F4 participants have managed to come back into the match and take three points back to Hungary. In the end the result was 29:32.

In the first half it was a very tough match, goal-for-goal handball with home team slowly enlarging the goal gap. Tatran's fast wingers Radoslav Antl and Tomas Čip were a mystery for Veszprem scoring 4 goals each. Jakub Krupa was also on a required level for such hard match with 8 saves and it has made it possible for Tatran to finish the first half with 4:1 series and +4 (16:12). Veszprem's this summer's reinforcement, former Kiel's player Christian Zeitz was their best scorer in the first 30 minutes with 3 goals.  

In the second half it was a different story with Veszprem showing why they are one of the best clubs in Europe. They have started to play better in defense which has soon brought them easy goals and advantage in the match. Momir Ilić and Renato Sulić were unstoppable along with their captain Laszlo Nagy. Tatran was simply not able to keep up with their tempo despite of the fact that their wingers have continued to play an outstanding match. Roland Mikler was also a reason for Hungarian team's comeback finishing the match with 15 saves. Ilić scored 7, Sulić 6 with 100% scoring ratio, Nagy 5 for Veszprem. Speaking of Tatran, Antl scored 8, Čip 6, Furlan 5.

Carlos Ortega, Veszprem's coach:

- I hoped we were ready for this match. I knew it will be a hard match. Tatran Prešov usually plays very good at home. It was impossible for us to get good preparation because've we also had a game on Sunday. Tatran played really quick in first half. In the second half Tatran made several changes and we got in touch with them. I am happy, we never gave up and we ended up with the victory at the end.

Roland Mikler, Veszprem's goalkeeper:

- Congratulations to Prešov for a nice match. Tatran has played very good tonight. I've already played in Prešov several times and it always was really hard. We had problems but we've managed to get out of it and in the second half we were a better team and won the match.

Peter David, Tatran's coach:

- Veszprem has today showed us how top teams in Europe play. The number of players on the bench has in the end decided the result of this match. We've played really well up to 40th minute of this match. We were still winning 21:18 when we started missing our second part of the bench with fresh players. It was a correct fair play match from the Veszprem without any injuries. I believe that Veszprem is one out of two top teams in Europe and that we will see them on CL's Final Four in Cologne.

Jakub Krupa, Tatran's goalkeeper:

- It is a pity we didn’t have enough healthy and not injured players on the bench tonight. We could not double some positions. I am glad we are playing against such good teams like Veszprem is, because we can improve ourselves and at this moment it is was also a very good preparation for a CL's qualifications tournament ahead of us in Brest.

In the next round MKB MVM Veszprem will travel to Banja Luka to play Borac and CO Zagreb will in ten days host Tatran.