Metalurg’s youth grabs a win in the opening match of the season

Metalurg - Tatran 4 (14/15)

Metalurg’s youngsters have managed to bring their team victory in the opening match of the season. They were better than Tatran with 34:28 and an excellent performance in second half-time. 

Metalurg made crucial advantage ​​in period from 39th to 45th minute with ​​a 5-1 series to increase lead to 24-21. The best thing is that they have managed to enlarge the goal gap with a young lineup which will be their future but obviously they already have something to say too.

Tatran had no strength to get back into the match with Borozan, Lipovina and Marsenić using their playing minutes the best way possible. Luka Cindrić’ goal in 53rd minute from 7-meter line for 30:24 came only as a confirmation of a win.

Speaking of Tatran, Rabek and Kristopans have scored more than half of their team’s goals - 8 each. It was still not enough and absence of five of their important players (Verkić, Kopčo, Pekar, Urban and Sadovy) was visible.  Lino Červar has on the other side, as he announced before the match, used it to give chance to every player available at the moment. Naumče Mojsovski has returned after a nine-month break due to an injury and Marsenić has proved himself as a great reinforcement just like Lipovina. They have scored 5 goals each. 

Lino Červar, Metalurg’s coach

- This was a really good and competitive match during all 60 minutes. We have managed to catch an early lead but Tatran has today used each our mistake. They were a really good rival today. In the second half-time I’ve given chance to our younger players and I’m lucky they’ve used it in a good way. We were really motivated for this match and we’ve deserved to win.  

Mijajlo Marsenić, Metalurg’s player

- I’m happy we’ve won the match against such a good opponent. We have had many ups and downs but the most important thing is that we’ve managed to take 3 points. I’m sure we’ll play better in future.

Peter David, Tatran’s coach:

- Metalurg were a better team today, from the first minute until the end. They’ve deserved to win. We were playing better in the first half but lost our rhytm in the second due to a ‘short bench’. We’ve also had some injury problems last week so we had to improvise.