Metalurg with a young team on their way to success

Металург почнува нова историја – со млад тим до нови успеси

Metalurg Tatran

The new season in the SEHA GSS Regional League begins for Metalurg with a clash against an unpleasant rival, Slovak Tatran Prešov. Team from Prešov has always been showing great performances in Skopje.

Specators will, by a great match without doubt, be able to see two different developing strategies. Metalurg on one hand begins with rejuvenation of their team while Tatran on the other wishes to finally convert their good SEHA GSS form into EHF’s Champions League.

Slovak team has last season managed to celebrate twice in duels against Metalurg. It was 23-32 in Skopje and 27-20 in Prešov. Tatran is this year even stronger with ambitions to play CL.  

As a part of preparation Metalurg has played on only one tournament, in Struga and defended title by beating Vardar, 25-19. Game on Saturday versus Tatran will also be first official game for Naumče Mojsovski after his injury in December last year.

Tatran has on the other side before the start of the new season played 14 control games, and won the tournament in Doboj defending the title from last year.

The match in Skopje will take place on Saturday at 20.15 in ‘Boris Trajkovski’ hall.  

Lino Červar , Metalurg’s coach:  

SEHA GSS League shows great progress, great organisation and I know that we have some very tough matches ahead of us. We will this season give many minutes to our younger players. Tatran has CL qualifications in seven days too and they are already in top form. We still have time to grow, but I think people will see a good match. I have watched them in Doboj, they won the tournament, have reinforcements and play great.

Naumče Mojsovski, Metalurg’s captain:  

We will this season, as coach said, use SEHA for our youngsters to gain experience. It will be very important ahead of hard CL clashes ahead of us. 

Peter David, Tatran's coach:

Eventhough we have quite a lot of key players injured at the moment, we are going to approach this match with positive attitude and do our best to get a good result. We fully understand against how strong opponent in how loud hall in front of how great supporters we will play. We must not get under Metalurg's pressure. We simply need to play our 'own' game. 

Vasja Furlan, Tatran's player:

We are looking forward to start of SEHA Gazprom South Stream League. We know that we have to play a tough match in the very beginning of the season, in Skopje but are also aware that we have a ot of chances to catch a positive result. tough game coming for us playing in Skopje but we know our chances and we will do everything to get positive result.