Time for a new SEHA GSS spectacle

26.08.2014. press conference 4


The new season of SEHA Gazprom South Stream League begins tomorrow. In Novi Sad Vojvodina will meet Veszprem at 19.30 in Slana Bara hall.

F4 tournament in Novi Sad was a crown of a successful season. We believe that new season will be even more successful and I hope we will be proud in the end of it - said the director of SEHA GSS League, Siniša Ostoić.

I want to express my satisfaction because we are participants of this League once again. This year League is much better with Veszprem. The match will be historic for our club and we're looking forward to it - said handball club Vojvodina's president Milan Đukić.

It is very important for Veszprem to play SEHA GSS League. It is always exciting to start the season. We are a little nervous at the moment, but I believe we will have a successful year - said handball club Veszprem's sports director, Csaba Hajnal.

We will host one of the best teams in Europe at the moment. We have many young players and it will be really hard to play against such well prepared team like Veszprem - said Vojvodina's coach, Đorđe Ćirković.

It is a great honor and responsibility to play in probably the best league in Europe. We will play against one of the strongest teams in Europe and it will be a true spectacle for - said Vojvodina's left wing, Boban Živković.