SEHA GSS national teams on their way to Qatar

Metalurg - Meskov Brest 1

Weekend behind us and the one ahead of us are, in handball world, reserved for European qualifications for WC in Qatar in January 2015. It has all come down to play-offs which will decide participants for Qatar. SEHA GSS national teams are, after the first round in good positions.

Serbia is very close to WC after beating Czech Republic in Niš with 23:15. Metalurg's Darko Stanić was the best player. Second match will be played in Brno in a week and it should not be a problem for Serbia.

Macedonia is with a 27:25 from Athens also very close to WC. This was also first match for Renato Vugrinec in Macedonian jersey. He scored one, Manaskov added 5, Mirkulovski and Stoilov 3.

Bosnia and Herzegovina still has to work for the placement with a minimal 33:32 win against Iceland in Sarajevo. Meshkov's Ivan Karačić scored 6 for hosts.

Two SEHA GSS's selections will play against each other for Qatar. After the first match in Podgorica Montenegro has +1 against Belarus - 28:27. Second match will be played in Minsk. Lovćen's captain Igor Marković scored 3 for Montenegro, Nikulenkau and Shylovich have scored 4 both for Belarus.

Slovenia and Hungary, potential next season's SEHA GSS participants are also playing against each other. After 25:22 in Veszprem, match still has to be played in Velenje. Ilyes and Zubai from Szeged have just lke Veszprem's Gergo Ivanczik scored 3 for Hungary. On the other side Žvižej scored 3, Skube 2. Both from Celje PL.

Croatia has already managed to qualify for the WC with fourth place on EC in Denmark, so they have used the break for two friendly matches in Korea. They have played two matches against hosts in Seoul (23:25, 26:24). Šime Ivić from Celje (former NEXE) scored 6 in the first, Horvat form CO Zagreb 5 in the second.  

Slovakia has not managed to qualify for play-off so they have played a tournament in Kaunas with a younger team. They were better than Poland B with 29:24, Litvania with 25:24 and Israel with 28:23. Oliver rabek scored 6 against both Israel and Lithuania and was Slovakian best player.