Meshkov beats SEHA GSS All Star Team with 42:38

All star
For the end of the first season of SEHA League in cooperation 
with Gazprom and South Stream, League's Selection has 
for the first time come together under the name SEHA GSS 
All Star Team. They were hosted by Belarus Meshkov 
where they have played against them in memory of club's 
founder Anatoliy Meshkov. All Star Team was made from 
players from CO Zagreb, NEXE and Tatran. Other clubs 
from the League were not able to give their players for the 
Selection due to their European or domestic matches. Host 
team Meshkov was in the end better with 42:38 (20:20). Oleg 
Astrashapkin and Ljubo Vukic were best in Meshkov's roster and on the other sides wingers Radoslav Antl and Zlatko 
Horvat were dominating for All Stars. 
Match referees were, in front of more than 3,000 people, 
Macedonian internationals Nachevski and Nikolov

Pesic, Cherapenka; Babichev 1, Markotic 3, Nikulenkau 4, Stojkovic 3, Shumak 2, Vukic 5, Baranau 1, Milicevic 2, Karacic 4, Rutenka 1, Astrashapkin 6, Shilović 4, Valyntsau 2, Haisa 4. Coach Zeljko Babic.

Stevanovic, F. Ivic, P. Lelic; Rabek 2, F. Lelic 2, Mrdjenovic 2, Kristopans 3, Sprem 3, Sebetić 2, Vujic 1, Horvat 4, Sandrk 3, J. Valcic 3, Vegar 1, Antl 7, S. 
Ivic 3, Petro 2. Selectors: Boris Dvorsek i Alekandar Brkovic.