F4 NOVI SAD SPECIAL 7M Svetislav Verkic (Tatran Presov)

F4 NOVI SAD SPECIJAL 7M Svetislav Verkić (Tatran Prešov)


Tatran Presov’s goalkeeper, Svetislav Verkic  had one of the main roles in Slovak best team’s success which ended the regular part of SEHA GAZPROM South Stream League season on the first place. In our 7 meters interview, former golden junior Yugoslav NT goalkeeper (European gold in 2000) speaks about season so far and expectations from SEHA’s F4 which will be held in Novi Sad from April 11 to 13.

1M: Did you expect such a good result at the end of the regular part of the season?

- I am more than satisfied with our final score in SEHA this season. We’ve had some failures like the one against NEXE in Osijek, but on the other side we’ve played some fantastic matches in Skopje against Metalurg and Vardar, but also in Belarus against Meshkov.

2M: You will play against Belarus Meshkov Brest in SEHA F4’s semi-final. How do you feel about your opponent?

- Personally, I wanted them in semis. We love to play against them and I believe we can reach final over them.

3M: How far is SEHA trophy this season?

- I think that we can win SEHA GSS this season. Vardar did that in Zagreb, then Zagreb made the same in Skopje, so it’s time for us. We have shown that we can play against all the rivals, doesn’t matter about the name and quality. Some small things will be decisive, as daily form and motivation.

4M: Are you satisfied with yours, and your goalkeeping colleagues’ performance this season?

- I am satisfied with my form, but one can always make it better. The most important thing is that you are fit, which means that coach can always count on you. I want to praise Miroslav Kocic from Vojvodina. He played very good this year and led his team to some important wins.

5M: You are going back to your city - Novi Sad, where you began  your professional career in Jugovic Kac and Vojvodina. How do you feel about that?

- Trophy in Novi Sad would be a crown of this season. I have a huge motivation to play at home in front of home fans. Handball fans from Novi Sad know handball very well. I hope that they will recognize importance of SEHA F4 event and come to watch the best regional handball.

6M: SEHA F4 would be the "grand final" of the season for Tatran, as we know that you are unbeatable in your domestic league.

- Our goals in Slovakia are very clear. We want "double crown". Club’s leaders are satisfied with our results in SEHA. We, on the other hand, don't have too much chances to progress further in EHF Cup.

7M: How do you see your future?

- I have contract with Tatran until summer 2015. I will have 34 years that summer, best years for goalkeeper. I am dedicated to my job and want to play on the highest possible level.