Vardar against CO Zagreb for the end, maybe again in Novi Sad

Вардар против Загреб за крај, а можеби пак во Нови сад

CO Zagreb - Vardar
CO Zagreb and Vardar will on Saturday (17:45 CET) play their last SEHA GSS league's regular season match in Skopje. More important and interesting thing is that the match might easily be on schedule pretty soon, on Final Four in Novi Sad. In case of Vardar's win, they will probably be third and play CO Zagreb in semi-finals and in case they lose at home to Croatian champion they will play Tatran. Zagreb is out of EHF's CL and will surely turn 100% towards SEHA GSS league and Macedonian champion will on the other side play against HSV in EHF CL's Last 16. They will use this game as a preparation. 

For the two teams thi is last game of the regular part of the season in SEHA GSS league, and not too much important, (Saturday 17.45 Skopje ) except that can bring a new hard duel latter, but on Final four tournament in Novi Sad at the beginning of April. Both teams for the third time in a row will play to F4 tournament, and now the options are whether they will play each other in the semifinals of F4.

Zagreb will come to Skopje without 6 players: Horvat, Kovacevic, Obranovic, Ivic, Susnja and Mandalinic.

Raul Gonzalez, Vardar's coach:

- This is very important game for our team, because we'll use it to prepare for upcoming match against Hamburg at EHF Champions League knockout stage, which will be next week here in Skopje. Our opponent Zagreb has very good team, they play defense 6-0 or 5-1 which is similar to Hamburg. At this moment for us the most important thing is that we are coming back from a bed period, and our form is better and better.

Petar Angelov, Vardar's player:

- As my coach mentioned, we will use this match as a test before the battles against European Champion Hamburg, to check out our shape. We hope that we will stay healthy without injuries, because this is one of the most important things at the moment. We expect numeroussupporters in Kale, because our game is improving from day to day.

Boris Dvorsek, CO Zagreb's coach:

- Matches against Vardar have always been uncertain. We're te top teams of SEHA GSS league, and both teams won the championship once. First Vardar was champion and last year we won in Skopje. Now we travel to Skopje without 6 players: Horvat, Kovacevic, Obranovic, Ivic, Susnja and Mandalinic. We have 14 players, and among them are Mudrinjak and Tokic. We are in good shape. We're going on a solid defense and seeing someone progress in that direction. The defense looks like what we wish.

Josip Sandrk, CO Zagreb:

- We have problems with several firts team players missing. It will no tbe easy against one of the best teams in SEHA. We know how hard it will be in their hall. Bu, with a little bit of luck we can with a little bit of luck take three points from Skopje.