NEXE concludes season with a win

NEXE pobjednički zaključilo sezonu

Lovćen - Nexe 1

NEXE has concluded SEHA league's third season with a win. NEXE has played great in Cetinje and showed good form again from the last few matches. It was 33:24 (15:10). Kaluderovic was Lovcen's best player, and on the other side Ivic, Vujic, Eter, Mrdenovic and Bozic-Pavletic were great in NEXE's lines. NEXE is now sixth and will finish there in case Vojvodina does not manage to beat Borac in the last round. Lovcen will finish one position above the bottom but Partizan might catch them with two wins in the last 2 matches.


Zdenko Kordi, NEXE's coach:

- Good season, we've been playing great in the last few rounds and have shown it today too. Losing was not an option.

Marko Mrdenovic, NEXE's player:

- We were concentrated during the whole match and were simply better. It was well deserved.


Zoran Abramovic, Lovcen's coach:

- Guests were better today. Younger players have showed they have potential. I hope we'll win domestic title and play in the league next season too.


Petar Petricevic, Lovcen's player:

- We've had too many injured players and it was too hard today for us, younger players. We've given our maximum and got a lot of experience.