Zagreb too strong for Serbian champions

Zagreb prejak za Vojvodinu na oproštaju od domaće publike

CO Zagreb - Vojvodina 2

CO Zagreb has celebrated their last home match in SEHA GSS league’s regular part of the season with a win against Vojvodina 40:29 (22:14) in Osijek. Coach Dvorsek’s players have easily and convincingly beaten their rivals who were in a good form before this match. Zagreb is now back on top after Tatran’s win in Banja Luka.

Serbian champions were holding on great in the first 10 minutes and no one could say that the match might end this way. In the end of the second half Zagreb has managed, mostly due to Josip Valcic’s series and some great saves by Ivan Stevanovic, to enlarge the goal gap. It was 17:9 in 24th minute of the match. Serbian defense did not exist in these moments and that was, also in the second half, the biggest enigma for Djordje Cirkovic and his boys.

Horvat and Brozovic have managed to get the ball behind Vojvodina’s goalkeeper’s back 6 times and Stevanovic had 15 saves. Elezovic and Todorovic have, on the other side, score 5 both for Vojvodina.

Djordje Cirkovic, Vojvodina's coach

- I’d like to congratulate Zagreb. It was a well deserved victory. I have a feeling that I have to apologize to spectators for our today’s performance. We weren’t training in the last two weeks due to a rough schedule and it has in my opinion decided the match. It’s not an alibi, it is a fact. We now must prepare for our national championship and defend our title.

Nikola Arsenic, Vojvodina's player:

- CO Zagreb has controlled the match from the beginning until the end. We’ve showed our current maximum but it today was not enough to beat Croatian champions.

Boris Dvorsek, CO Zagreb's coach:

- I am very satisfied with my team. From the start until the end we were focused. Vojvodina was unable to follow our rhytm. We’ve praciteced a lot and prepared for the match. I am also happy due to the fact that we’ve given all players a chance to play today.  

Luka Sebetic, CO Zagreb’s right back:

- I wish Vojvodina best of luck in their national championship. We were playing very well and I hope audience is satisfied. I am also satisfied with my today’s performance. I was playing for more than 20 minutes and it makes me happy.