To be or not to be for Metalurg and Brest

Да се биде или не за Металург и Брест

Meshkov - Metalurg 13

The game on Sunday (Boris Trajkovski hall, 17:45 CET) will probably be the 'to be or not to be' one for Metalurg and Meshkov and their chances to qualify for Final Four. The losing team will probably have only theoretical chance for playing in Novi Sad in the middle of April. 

Metalurg is currently fifth on the table with two points less than Meshkov Brest and three less than their city rival Vardar. The team from Avtokomanda will on Sunday fight their direct competitor for the final tournament and winning is only option. 

Croatian coach in Metalurg believes his team might be placed among top four teams of the competition after clashes against Meshkov and Tatran. Injured players are still a problem for Metalurg. Atman and Vugrinec will not be able to play on Sunday.

Meshkov also expects two tough matches against Metalurg and NEXE. Their last match of the regular season will be the one against Partizan.   

Lino Cervar, Metalurg's coach:

- I am not thinking much about people saying that decision for this year's Final Four has already been made and that we will not make it. I believe in my players and I believe they've shown that they also have right to hope with what they've showed this season. Meshkov is a strong team with many quality players, reinforced with some Minsk' players, playing strong defense but I believe that we'll make it on Sunday. We have to play on the highest possible level to succeed.  

Luka Cindric, Metalurg's player:

Brest is a great team which is coming to Skopje to win. Our defeat in Brest is motivating us additionaly to beat them at home, in Skopje. We work and train hard to catch this win which would mean us so much and would bring us a step closer to Novi Sad.