Tatran gets closer to regular season's No. 1 after a win over CO Zagreb

Tatran Prešov  CO Zagreb


Tatran from Presov has managed to come out as a winner from SEHA GSS league's top spot derby. Now they have a match and only one point less than Croatian champion which makes their Final Four chances much bigger. Tatran was better in the beggining and the end, Zagreb through the middle part of the match.

Tomas Cip and Dominik Krok were Peter Hatalcik's surprises for Zagreb today. Cip scored 7/7 and was along with Kristopans man of the match. On the other side Zlatko Horvat scored 10.


Until the end of the regular part of the season Tatran will play Metalurg at home and will be guest in Banja Luka and Belgrade. CO Zagreb will host Vojvodina and play in Skopje against Vardar. Both teams have already managed to secure their place on SEHA GSS league's Final Four tournament in Novi Sad from 11th to 13th of April.


Boris Dvorsek, CO Zagreb's coach:

- Congratulation to Presov. It was a good match. We were playing a good match for 50 mintues. After that our players were tired and we've started changing them. New guys have made so many mistakes which is totally unacceptable in such an important match. In the last 10 minuted we've tried to bring the A-lineup in both Tatran had more luck with us hitting the bar three times and they've come out as winners.


Mario Vuglac, CO Zagreb's player:

- Result is not real, we could've won this. We've had a good result for more than 50 minutes but in some key moments weren't so good, made technical mistakes and lost the match. But, despite of everything I still believe we can finish on top spot.


Peter Hatalcik, Tatran's coach:

I am happy that we have broken the loosing streak. This was a very good match that Croatian team was leading for first 50 minutes by goal or two. It was really hard for us to tie the match. It was a roller coaster. Fortunatelly for us this game was played for 60 minutes and we've had enough power to overturn the result of this match and  win three important points. We are going to play 3 tough matches this week and I hope this win will motivate players.


Zarko Pejovic, Tatran's player:

- At the end of the match we were more concentrated and managed to take three new points. We have a busy calendar of matches ahead of us and I believe that this match was a good preparation for what we can expect in next three weeks. I am happy that we've managed to win this match.