Slovakian champions from 11 different countries

Meet the team: A club that has given some of the biggest SEHA names

Meet the team: Tatran Presov

Vardar 1961, PPD Zagreb, Nexe and Tatran Presov. Those are the only four teams that have been a part of the SEHA League from its very beginnings in 2011. A team that has given us some of the biggest SEHA names like Dainis Kristopans, Radoslav Antl, Jakub Hrstka as well as Oliver Rabek, and is on a 15-year winning streak in the national championship is most certainly worth the respect despite not really playing their best handball lately. 

After a poor start to the EHF European League campaign, Marek Gernat replaced Slovak handball legend Radoslav Antl on the bench for Tatran Presov. Gernat has a team composed of players from 11 different countries which appears to be a good mix of players with a lot of SEHA - Gazprom League experience and those that still have a lot to give not only to the league but to the European handball in general. 

Between posts, they have experienced SEHA veteran Igor Chupryna as well as young Brazilian goalie Marcos Colodeti and Slovenian Tilen Leben. On the far left Tatran have Radoslav Antl’s son – Marco Antl (19) as well as Damian Mital (17) to go along with two more experienced player – Spaniard Sergio Lopez (26) and David Michalka (26). On the right, they have a young Slovak duo of Erik Fenar (20) and Tomas Fech (21). Pivot is experienced Russian international Viacheslav Kasatkin as well as young Slovenian Peter Kimak-Fejko who are also running the show on the defensive side of the court with the help of Roman Tsarapkin. When it comes to the back positions, on the left they have one of SEHA legends Oliver Rabek as well as Tomas Recicar, Jakub Kravcak, Ukrainian international Danylo Khaian, Lukas Urban, and Pavel Hernandez Caballero. On the right, Gernat has a Serbian duo of Nikola Ivanovic as well as Djordje Golubovic. Orchestrating the offense are great scorer Marko Davidovic, another SEHA legend Dominik Krok, and Polish international Lukasz Gogola. 

Despite of not having the best results so far in the EHF European League where they are currently sitting in fifth place in group A with two points after six rounds, it is clear that coach Marek Gernat has a solid team and plenty to choose from. Combining different playing styles, especially with this many important players coming from South America, can be exhausting but it can also give incredible results. Rabek, Urban, Antl, and Colodeti are key players in Gernat’s team that will be in the group stage of another SEHA - Gazprom League season looking for its chances against Vardar 1961 and Partizan.