SEHA GSS national teams successful in Denmark and in race for Qatar



Three out of five SEHA GSS league's national teams have advanced to the main round of EHF's EURO in Denmark. Those are Croatia with 4 points, Macedonia with 2 and Belarus without points.

Serbia and Montenegro were not able to get through the group stage which means that Denmark adventure is over for them. Serbia is out mostly due to bad performance and in the end loss to Russia but also a last second goal for Russians in a match against Poland. As the best team to leave the championship in this phase, along with Norway and Czech Republic, Serbia will be in a very good position in playoffs for WC in Qatar as top ranked team (pot 1). Montenegro is out without at least a point although they were a very strong opponent for each team in their group. They will be in playoff pot 2 for WC.

In addition to that other two national teams who are not in Denmark have also completed their qualifications for WC playoffs. Bosnia has finished first in group 5 ahead of Portugal, Latvia and Estonia and Slovakia was, in group 4, eliminated by Romania.