Motor Zaporozhye – roster preview

Motor Zaporozyhe

In their rookie season in the SEHA – Gazprom League, Motor Zaporozhye ended up one step short of the Final 4 tournament appearance failing to get past Meshkov Brest in the quarter-finals. Last season they managed to book their premier SEHA Final 4 tournament spot losing to highly-favored Telekom Veszprem in the semis and then delivering an incredible performance against Meshkov in the bronze-medal match which helped them secure a dominant 31:20 win. In what will be their third season in the competition, Ukrainians will surely be looking to make an additional step forward and crown their incredible progress from the last few seasons with a SEHA Final 4 final appearance and a chance to fight for the prestigious SEHA title.
When we analyze at their roster and compare it with previous seasons we can clearly see why they are on the rise lately.
Goalkeepers are Gennadiy Komok, Ivan Maroz and Maksym Viunik. Komok helped them secure some important regular season wins last season and Maroz grabbed 12 saves in the third-place match in Zadar last season being one of the key players for his team in an amazing win over Meshkov.
Wingers – Zakhar Denysov and Oleksandr Kasai on the left, Artem Kozakevych, Eduard Kravchenko and Iurii Kubatko on the right. Sounds good, works even better for the Ukrainians with their wingers delivering not only on the offensive, but also on the defensive side of the court.
On the line they have Viacheslau Bokhan, Ivan Burzak, Denis Vasilev and Dmytro Tiutiutnnyk. Here we can also add defensive specialist from Spain, Carlos Molina Cosano. With him and Bokhan in the middle defensive block is looking and functioning very well. In the attack they are often relying on Bokhan and Vasilev who are usually delivering whenever the team decides to go their way.
In order to function in the best possible way, every orchestra needs a good conductor and for Motor that is Aidenas Malasinskas. Malasinskas has an amazing scoring ability, but also knows how to utilize all the offensive assets his team has in the best possible way. When the going gets tough they usually turn to their other experienced back – Barys Pukhouski or Oleksandr Tilte. Dmytro Horiha is in charge of the left side of the attack along with Jonas Truchanovicius and young Ihor Turchenko. On the right they now have Luka Sebetic sharing minutes with Vladyslav Dontsov.
Coach Gintaras Savukynas has also proven his quality with the team, which is another reason why they are hoping to go all the way this season. Reflecting on how good and wide their roster looks – they definitely have the right to do so.