Meshkov close to Final 4, but Eurofarm Pelister still believe in a miracle


The Belarus champion Meshkov Brest should have only a formal task to qualify for the SEHA – Gazprom League F4 tournament in Zadar, but the guests from Bitola travel to second Quarter-Final match believing that anything is possible in sports. The match between Meshkov and Eurofarm Pelister is scheduled for 29th August (16.00 CET).

The advantage that Meshkov has from the first match in Bitola is four goals (31:27) and according to the style of play and form that Meshkov showed in the first match, they probably won’t have problems to realize their plan. They are close to their eighth appearance in the F4 tournament, and will be looking to catch their first title.

Eurofarm Pelister hope that everything is still open and they have a chance, so they will fight for their first appearance among the best four teams in the SEHA League this season. In three matches between the two teams, Meshkov has always won. The team from Bitola traveled with 15 handball players, and only Milorad Kukoski stayed at home.

Daniel Gordo, Meshkov Brest head coach:

We played a good first match in Bitola last week. But which team will qualify for the F4 has not yet been resolved. We could have done better in our away match. We had a chance to win with six to seven goals, but that did not happen. And now all thoughts are about winning at home. Now this is the main and our only goal.

Stanislav Kasparek, Meshkov Brest player:

In our home match we want to win and celebrate with our supporters the placement among best four teams in Zadar. I was expecting a tough match in Bitola, because they have fanatical spectators and it is always difficult to play in such an atmosphere. But unfortunately we played in front of an empty hall and it made the game much easier for us.

Marko Kizic, Eurofarm Pelister goalkeeper:
We worked hard this week, we have nothing to lose, and we are going to fight in Brest. I hope we can pull a positive result out of it. Meshkov Brest are a quality team and have players like Skube and Kasparek, but we also have a lot of quality players and the most important thing will be our team spirit.

Josip Bozic Pavletic, Eurofarm Pelister player:
Match in Bitola was below our capabilities and we can certainly do better next game. I hope we will show our real face in Belarus. Four-goal differences are not uncatchable; everything is possible. We are going to win in Brest. With every training, with every match we prepare for what awaits!