NEXE's matches might decide Final Four participants

press conf Tatran-Meshkov

February and March next year will be decisive months in a big SEHA GSS league's fight for the Final Four tournament. Speaking of the current situations it seems like the biggest battle will be led between Vardar, Metalurg and Meshkov Brest for the remaining two spots as CO Zagreb and Tatran Presov have made bigger part of the job in the first part of the season.

Current vice champion Vardar has 25 point (12 games), Metalurg is on fourth position with 22 points (11 matches) and Meshkov Brest is on fifth position with 18 points (10 matches).

CO Zagreb and Tatran are a little bit away from the upper mentioned trio, Zagreb with 31 point from 13 games and Tatran with 30 in 12 matches.

"Crucial will be games in Croatia, NEXE's duels against Metalurg and Meshkov, but also Tatran's games versus Metalurg. Those games will, in my opinion, decide Final Four participants this year. We've managed to reach three wins out of our last four matches which leaves us on our way of repeting last year's success and a place on F4 tournament. We still have to play twice versus Metalurg and once with NEXE. Those three matches will be decisive'', said Zeljko Babic, coach of Meshkov Brest.

Last season Meshkov managed to enter among best four teams with highest number of points, but lost twice, in semi-final to CO Zagreb and in third place match better was Metalurg. This season Meshkov Brest played very variable, with many ups and downs. Only two victories at home, from four played matches, and four celebrations as visitors in six games.

"We have problems with quality of bench players, especially when we have to rotate some crucial player. It has become typical for us that when we need some experienced player or a freshmen just to finish the match that they make some mistakes and we sometimes evetunally even lose. We would really use one or two 'bench jokers' for such situations'', added Babic.

Until the end of the regular season Belarus team has to play 8 games, five times at home (Vojvodina, Lovcen, Metalurg, Borac, Partizan), and three times outside Brest (Zagreb, Nexe and Metalurg).

Vardar will host Vojvodina and CO Zagreb, and will four times travel outside Skopje (Tatran, Nexe, Lovcen and Borac)

Metalurg will face Borac, Meshkov and Vojvodina in Skopje, and will travel to Brest, Nasice, Belgrade and Presov.