Tokyo Olympics Men's Preliminary round over

Kentin Mahe

With Preliminary round of the men’s handball tournament at Olympic Games Tokyo 2020 being over, there are eight teams who will play in the Quarter-final on Tuesday, 3 August.

The schedule for the Quarter-final is following (all times JST):

09:30 France vs Bahrain (QF 1) 
13:15 Sweden vs Spain (QF 2)
17:00 Denmark vs Norway (QF 4) 
20:45 Germany vs Egypt (QF 3) 

Men's Semi-final matches will be played on Thursday, 5 August according to the following constellation: 

Semi-final 1: Winner of QF 1 vs Winner of QF 3
Semi-final 2: Winner of QF 2 vs Winner of QF 4

All of the SEHA players will play the Quarter-final matches and we wish all of them good luck!