Zagreb's great point in Skopje against Metalurg

Металург – Загреб 27-27 (13-15) Ремито – најправеден исход на дербито во Скопје

Metalurg Zagreb

When Lino Cervar, coach of Metalurg said on press conference before the game versus Croatia Osiguranje Zagreb that Croatian champion can't play bad twice in row in one week, no one could imagine that this could really happen on match in Skopje. Draw 27-27 is probably the fairest resultbecause both teams have had their good periods in the game.
At the end of the first 30 minutes guest went to the dressing room with advantage 15-13, and in the final moments of the second Pavel Atman hit post after Obranovic's equaliser and missed last chance for full home celebration.
With this point from Skopje, Zagreb got back to the first place on the table with 31 points and Metalurg stayed fourth with 19, one more than Meshkov Brest.

For Zagreb, this was the last game this year in SEHA GSS league, while Metalurg is waiting for another derby against city rivals Vardar on Tuesday. 

Aleksandar Petrovski, Metalurg's assistant coach:
- We were trying to explain players that the game will be difficult although we've managed to win in Zagreb last week. We were impatient in attack. We had chance in our hands, an attack in last minutesand then a chance to score in the last seconds. Luck was not on our side tonight. I hope we'll meetonce more on Final Four tournament in April next year. We have to be satisfied with these four points from two matches.

Filip Mirkulovski, Metalurg's player:
- Congratulations to the opponent who played better, and was different than a week ago. We did not repeat performance from the game in Zagreb. As teams we can be satisfied with the point. We have lost too my home-match point and we have to improve in that area in order to see the Final Four.
 Boris Dvorsek, CO Zagreb's coach:
- I congratulate my guys for a deserved point. This was a great point after loss last week at home. We were fighting whole game, and maybe had a little more luck in the end. We've played without pressure,showed that we can play a good match. I believe this is the fairest result. 

Josip Sandrk, CO Zagreb's player:
- This was our most mature game so far this season . We've had no pressure in the game. I believe we can show even more in the second part of the season.