Roman Tsarapkin: "We showed character and got the deserved win"


Tatran Presov vs Eurofarm Pelister 32:28 (16:14)

(Pacheco 7 goals and 8 assists, Rabek 7 goals and 5 assists / Peric 10 goals and 9 assists, Mandalinic 7 goals)

Slavko Goluza, Tatran Presov coach:
In my opinion we've played a good match against a very good team. We've had problems stopping their line player but overall it was a good performance. Most important objective ahead of this one was to win it and that's what we did.

Bozidar Mojsov, Eurofarm Pelister coach:
Today we were a bit unlucky in some situations. Despite of the loss however I feel like we've today given our maximum. Hopefully next time out we'll manage to win it.

Roman Tsarapkin, Tatran Presov player:
Good match overall. Tempo was quite fast with a lot of counter attacks and goals. In the second half they showed their quality and character but we managed to win in the end an we're now turning towards Zagreb.

Gradimir Chanevski, Eurofarm Pelister goalkeeper:
We are missing some players at the moment and experiencing fatigue from all the matches. Our goal now is to regain focus and prepare best we can for what's waiting for us.