Metalurg with their strongest team versus CO Zagreb

Металург со најсилен состав сака нова победа

CO Zagreb Metalurg
Metalurg with their strongest team versus CO Zagreb

Macedonian vice champion Metalurg will host Croatia Osiguranje Zagreb in their last home match in SEHA GSS league on Saturday (17,45 "Boris Trajkovski") with ambition to repeat success from the last week. Metalurg won in Zagreb 30-25, making big surprise.
So far, Metalurg's coach Lino Cervar has used opportunities in SEHA GSS league to give chance to youngsters and those players from the bench. Now they will try to win as much points as possible to secure place among first four teams on table. Meshkov Brest is currently just three points behind Metalurg which is another reason for Metalurg to speed up in Final Four race.

Due to virus, Naumce Mojsovski, Aco Jonoski and Dejan Manaskov didn't train almost for the whole week with the team and Renato Vugrinec has complained on hamstring injury and has joined trainings only few days ago.
Lino Cervar, Metalurg's coach:
- Zagreb is not a team which can lose twice in seven days. We expect a very difficult match. In our last away game, we've played well in defence and it makes us happy. On the other hand we know how to deal with each zone in attack. This will surely be a different game than the one week ago because they will be motivated for revenge. I hope to play as in Zagreb, and once again to win. This is the last match in front of our home supporters this year and we want to triumph to say goodbye to our audience.
Nikola Kedzo, Metalurg's player:
- Tomorrow's match will be important and we hope to repeat our performance from Zagreb. We were able to completely neutralize their back players with our 6-0 defense, and I think that's why we won the game. I think defense will decide the match again and if we play it on the same level again we have right to believe in our win. Zagreb is a young team and in the last game they didn't show their true value and strength.
Boris Dvorsek, CO Zagreb's coach:
- We want to play a better game than the last one in Zagreb, to be more precise than we were last weekend when a lot of 100% chances were missed. I think in the second half we've played much better, and we have a chance now, especially with Metalurg expecting a new city derby three days later against Vardar. Leon Susnja is back on team and Marino Maric will stay at home.
Stipe Mandalinic, CO Zagreb's player:
- Metalurg is favorite, and they have proved this in Zagreb. I think it's important to be aggressive, and to play in our own rhythm, to be more accurate than in the first game. We want to end year with a win and we are aware that it will be difficult. We have good memories of Skopje and the last Final Four.