Tamse: "We played exactly the way I wanted"

press nexe

Branko Tamse, Nexe coach:

I know how good Vardar really is, they have a lot of great individuals. We've prepared well for the match, opened it perfectly but then let them get back into it way too easy. Despite of everything I feel like we were controlling the encounter playing exactly the way I wanted us to. Good defense, easy goals. I can't say much more but congratulate my guys on their performance.

Moreno Car, Nexe player:

From match to match we're repeating – when our defense plays well, goalkeepers have great numbers too. We're slowly adjusting to the new system, playing much faster, the way our coach wants us to and I feel like we're doing a good job.

Vlado Nenadovski, Vardar assistant coach:

I'd like to congratulate Nexe on their win here today. We've opened the match badly but we've managed to get back into it. Defense wasn't good and they knew how to use it and reach a well-deserved win.

Tomislav Jagurinovski, Vardar player:

We've opened the match really bad but managed to get back into it. Defense wasn't playing the way it was supposed to and we failed to score from some clear looks allowing them to reach a win here today.