Motor win in Nasice on wings of a strong second-half performance


Motor have once again managed to reach a win in Nasice - this time with 28:35. Key part of the match was the second half in which Motor managed to overcome Nexe's lead sealing the deal for their second SEHA win in Slavonia.

Hosts managed to open the game the right way on wings of a few great saves from their goalkeeper Moreno Car followed by easy, counter-attack goals. After ten minutes, Nexe managed to open the gap to three goals after Mario Tomic scored on an empty goal. By the half-time whistle Motor managed to narrow home-team lead to two goals despite of the fact their player - Spaniard Carlos Molina Cosano received a red card.

Second half was however completely different. After only six minutes in the second Motor managed to level the match taking over the control in this one. Everything somehow stopped working for Nexe which eventually resulted with a well-deserved win for guests. Halil Jaganjac delivered an extremely good performance scoring nine but that wasn't enough for his team. Aidenas Malasinskas and Dmytro Horiha scored seven each while Vladyslav Dontsov went 6/6.