Savukinas: "Our goalkeeper inspired other players."


Stevce Alushovski, Vardar head coach:
First, I would like to congratulate Motor on the victory. We had a bad start, conceding seven unanswered goals, which reflected on the whole match. With such an advantage, Motor finished the first half. After that, it was very difficult to fight against such a team, who obviously played at a higher level. We tried a lot, tried to play with 7 players on offense, but nothing worked. Especially considering the level of those players who were at their disposal today. I wish Motor all the luck in their future matches.

Martin Karapalevski, Vardar playmaker:
I would like to congratulate Motor on the victory. We had a really bad opening this time around. The first 20 minutes were crucial, but we could not keep ourselves in the match, which, in general, affected the further result. We tried to pull ourselves together and play better in order to successfully finish this match. Although we managed to do some things, it was already impossible to catch up with Motor.

Gintaras Savukinas, Motor head coach:
Thanks to Vardar for their fair play! I am grateful for the passion my players showed at the beginning of the match. Today my players showed character, despite the fact that we recently played a tough game with Aalborg. We gave all our strength and were emotionally devastated due to the negative result. Today we put all emotions aside, got together, rebooted and played a good match. Our goalkeeper especially distinguished himself and did not allow the opponents to score a lot. His play, of course, inspired other players as well. The leaders of our team were not very fresh and therefore we had to rotate. Young players got a lot of court-time. They showed a level of play which was really good, that definitely reflected on the end result. My special thanks go to them, because of their focus on winning.

Gennadiy Komok, Motor goalkeeper:
The positive result of the match was influenced by the fact that we secured a good lead at the very beginning of the match. In the future, we need this type of leadership, where we try to impose our game on our opponents. Despite the victory, our mistakes were visible and we must continue working on them.