Vukovic: "We were quick in transition and solid in defense"


Veselin Vukovic, Metaloplastika coach:
We knew Tatran have an experienced team full of international players. We are, on the other hand, dealing with certain injuries at the moment but we were lucky that all of our 15 available players delivered a solid performance. We were quick in transition and solid in defense. It was a good match overall in my opinion.

Vukasin Vorkapic, Metaloplastika player:
Tatran have an experienced, physically strong team. Our defense and transition were difference-makers today in my opinion. We were really motivated today, eager to deliver a good performance and that's exactly what we eventually did.

Slavko Goluza, Tatran coach:
As long as we were able to - we were playing well. In one moment we were four goals ahead with a chance to make it five but we made a turnover and that, in my opinion, changed the entire course of the game. We simply didn't have enough players to rotate and keep the tempo high enough. This was our third game in only eight days and I can't say anthing bad about my guys. We even had a chance to grab a point in the end but unfortunately we failed to do that.

Oliver Rabek, Tatran player:
We're really struggling lately with injuries and everything and it is all limiting us at the moment. Despite of everything we're doing everything to play best we can every time we're out there. Congrats to Sabac of course, they delivered a good performance today. They have a strong, fast team and they are really doing well in what is their second season in the competition.