Vojvodina inches away from stealing a point in Nasice

Nexe - Vojvodina

Tenth SEHA Gazprom league season started in an incredible manner with a great encounter in King Tomislav sports hall in Nasice in which hosts almost failed to grab both points after having +6 (24:18) with less than ten minutes left until the final buzzer. However, in the end, 24:23 and first SEHA points of the season for the team from Nasice. 

Nexe were dominant in the first half playing really good on both defensive and offensive side of the court. In the final part of the first half, their goalkeeper Mihailo Radovanovic grabbed three seven-meter shot saves which, combined with a high-quality offensive performance led by Halil Jaganjac and Janko Kevic, secured them 15:10 lead after first 30 minutes. 

They managed to keep the tempo high in the bigger part of the second as well as opening the gap to six goals with eight minutes left on the clock. However, after that, Nexe committed a few turnovers almost disappearing from the court allowing Vojvodina to get back into this one and almost steal a point in the end. Unfortunately for guests, Car stopped Vukovljak in what was Vojvodina’s chance to level the game and steal a point in Slavonia. 

In the end 24:23 with Janko Kevic scoring seven for hosts and Halil Jaganjac adding six. Nemanja Pribak on the other side netted five for Vojvodina.