Meet the host: Zadar waves bring the HANDBALL BACK!


Zadar is the city that, according to Alfred Hitchcock, has the most beautiful sunsets in the world, which will sunbathe the handball court in Kresimir Cosic Hall. The city of basketball will for the first time host the 9th edition of SEHA – Gazprom League Final 4 tournament. This Adriatic pearl offers you an incredible sea experience, so here are a few things you should definitely know about this beautiful city.

Sea Organ
Except for its famous sunsets, Zadar is most recognized for its unique attractions such as Sea Organ and The Greeting to the Sun. Sea Organ is situated at the famous Riva, and while, at first looks like a lot of stairs just leading into the sea, it actually hides a very beautiful sea song beneath the surface. The brilliant mind of the architect Nikola Basic merged human and nature resources and blended it into a beautiful song that plays 7 chords of 5 tones. It works so that water and air flow into the resonant pipes under the steps and then are pushed out through the channels on the upper stairs. That produces unique sounds and enables the visitors to enjoy the song of the sea!

The Greeting to the Sun
Right next to the Sea Organ, there is a monument dedicated to the Sun which is also a creation of Nikola Basic. The installation is made of three hundred multi-layered glass plates put in the shape of the Sun, with little installations right by it, representing our main solar system. Right underneath the glass are photo-voltage solar modules that work based on its connection to the light. These photo-voltage solar modules absorb the light, meaning the sun’s energy, which then transforms it into the electrical energy seen as the multicolor light show. An interesting fact is that The Greeting to the Sun is also connected to the Sea Organ whose sound contributes to the light show mentioned above. So even when the sun goes down, Zadar offers you to experience another version of it!

Italians would call it Cale Larga, tourist Wide Street, but trust the locals when they say there is only one name for the main and most famous street in the Adriatic pearl, and it’s Kalelarga! There is even a song dedicated to the street and it carries the same name as the street itself. Kalelarga sang by one and only Tomislav Ivcic, became the anthem of the city and the anthem of the people's souls. It spreads in the west-east and connects People’s Square, which is also the main square, with the city’s famous Forum.

The Forum
Kalelarga street naturally leads to another famous sight – The Forum, the square from the Roman era. It is one of the most important architectural monuments from ancient times and its beauty will impress you to the bone. There is also the church of Saint Donat and the Bell Tower of Saint Anastasia, while the Cathedral of St. Anastasia is situated behind it. These are all historically important sights you should visit while in Zadar and enjoy the 21st-century version of Antique!

Feel Zadar
Beautiful architecture, famous sights, and lovely people are not everything that makes the Zadar experience special. The City of Zadar offers delicious flavors of Mediterranean and Adriatic cuisine which can be found at every corner, especially in the peninsula. Top local chefs will satisfy everyone’s palate with a variety of menus. To be able to Feel Zadar in its core, one should make an errand through the Varos at night, find a seat in one of many bars there and get to know the people, their stories, and listen to the Dalmatian music. 

Zadar is our safety harbor these days and we cannot hide our excitement! Thank you Zadar for hosting the ninth SEHA - Gazprom League Final 4 tournament! 


Photo credit: Davor Strenja, Zadar Tourist Board