Transfer Tuesday: Familiar SEHA faces are back; Buric, Rodin and more!

Senjamin Buric

The upcoming season is going to welcome well-known SEHA faces as they have found new-old home. 

Croatian champions and SEHA – Gazprom League vice-champions, PPD Zagreb have signed contracts with Ziga Mlakar and Senjamin Buric. Both were part of SEHA League before, Mlakar playing for Celje Pivovarna Lasko and Buric for Zagreb, Izvidjac and Borac. In Celje's jersey, Mlakar had 34 SEHA appearances, 128 goals and 29 assists. On the other side, line player Buric recorded 16 SEHA matches and 40 goals for Lions, while also netting 145 goals in 36 matches for the teams from Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Thunder from Krndija, also welcomed back a familiar face, Mateo Rodin who played 18 SEHA matches for Izvidjac and scored 39 goals in the 2016/2017 season. Rodin will be a big reinforcement for Nexe on the right back position.

Macedonians clubs have also strengthened their rosters with experienced SEHA faces. Goce Georgievski, former Metalurg right wing will come back in his home country playing for Vardar. He already has 27 SEHA matches and 48 goals. Along with Georgievski, Tomislav Jagurinovski also will be a part of Vardar's team. In his SEHA journey, he has had 16 matches, 10 goals and 14 assists. 

We welcome back all our players waiting for their time to shine under the SEHA sky!