We bring you TOP quotes from this season’s nine SEHA TV Magazines!

Arsenic & Sretenovic

SEHA TV Magazine is a segment we are very proud of for several seasons now, and one of the most important part of it is a big interview with SEHA - Gazprom League’s star players.

This season you had the opportunity to watch nine great TV Magazines, and we are bringing you some of the most significant sentences of our players that marked 9th SEHA season.

At the very beginning of the League, Leon Vucko, former Tatran Presov's player, gave his opinion as an overture to the new season and new playing system: ''A new season is here, a new playing system. Two groups with six teams. Many new clubs and some old ones. It will be very interesting. I think in the last two, three years, the League has never been stronger.'' 

We also singled out two younger players from Sabac as they spoke about the support at the stands. Aleksa Kljajic pointed out what means the most to him: ''There is nothing better than an applause or a nice word. But I think you always need to have two feet on the ground. When someone criticizes you, do not take it so personally, the same goes for praises. All in all, there is nothing better than an applause from your fans''. Todor Jandric added: ‘’It's very nice, but it also means a lot when someone criticizes you, so you know where you made a mistake, and it means a lot!’’

Lovro Jotic arrived in Bitola a year ago, when he signed for Eurofarm Pelister. Although his Pelister’s days lasted only one season, he did not stop expressing his gratitude to the club during that period, which he only confirmed to us:''People accepted me, the entire team from the very beginning. I really feel like home. From the first day, there is chemistry in the team and I feel great! From that side, there is no criticism. It's beautiful!'' In the upcoming season, he is moving a bit further from Bitola, to Skopje where he will wear Vardar’s jersey.

David Mandic revealed which club is the most responsible for his current handball successes, and shared his perspective of playing in PPD Zagreb: ''Well, this is the best step I could have done in my career and that's why I'd thank Zagreb for seeing this potential in me and fulfilling all my expectations. I feel like I'm doing a good job now, training and playing well. What I have to say is that Ljubuski made me the player I am today. The goal is to keep on growing and improving and then take another step forward.'' 

Finally, we gathered a duo from Vojvodina who put into words the importance of SEHA in the region.''I've been a part of the SEHA League last year as well. I believe it's helping young players develop and become better. Here in Serbia, we're well aware of our capabilities and our goal is to deliver our best outing whenever we play SEHA’', said Stevan Sretenovic, while Luka Arsenic, his teammate, added: ''SEHA League has really helped popularize handball in Novi Sad because all these great teams came here to play against Vojvodina and it started attracting more and more people to come and watch. That's why I feel like SEHA is a good thing for handball here.''

Even after all these years, we are still looking forward to every interview as if it were our first, because in that way you, our 8th players, get the other non-sport side of handball and the players you follow faithfully and continuously for nine seasons now.