Q&A - Aleksa Kljajic: “SEHA's biggest strength is pairing young teams with today's best clubs“

Aleksa Kljajic

One thing is for sure. Sabac lives for handball. Sabac lives for Metaloplastika. This is exactly what Aleksa Kljajic felt, one of the biggest stars in Metaloplastika's jersey this season. 

Furthermore, he does not hide that he feels at home in Sabac playing for Metaloplastika. Thusly, his numbers (48 goals in 12 appearances) this season are not accidental.

Many of you took the opportunity and asked Aleksa some interesting questions, and this 23-year-old right winger was happy to answer it.

What he came across, how does it feel to be latest SEHA's MVP and much more, read and watch below!  

What is your opinion about SEHA – Gazprom League?
I think that it is a League that gathers, on one side, young and promising clubs and, on the other side, today's best clubs.

Who is your favourite teammate?
My favourite teammate is also my good friend with whom I live and share the locker room for five years now – Dejan Babic. More than that, we played together for three different clubs.

How does it feel to be named MVP of the SEHA's eighth finals?
Of course, it is a nice feeling, knowing there are lots of great players.  

What is your favourite 'Civijas' fan song?
Greetings to 'Deke' and 'Aca' Babic. I know that their favourite is, just like mine, ''Let's all raise our hands, while Metaloplastika is fighting the battle, we love them, we love them''.

How do you feel playing in front of a Sabac audience in the full Zorka Hall?
It is well known that Sabac is a handball city. Surely that it is nice when you have a hall full of fans who understand handball.

What is the best thing about being a professional handball player?
An opportunity to make some new friends and visit places that I might not be able to otherwise.

Do you have a handball role model?
I don't have a handball role model, but generally role models from the sports world.

How much does 8th player's support mean to you?
By all means, it's better when you get applause after a good move or an attractive goal.

What would you do if you weren't a handball player?
I believe that I would be somewhere in sports or, maybe, the field I study – agroeconomics.