Kankaras departs Meshkov Brest, youngsters Melnyicsuk and Hornyak leave Telekom Veszprem

Branko Kankaras

Rotations in the rosters of SEHA clubs continue. Telekom Veszprem will not extend cooperation with two members of the Hungarian club's U21 team, Viktor Melnyicsuk and Bence Hornyak, while the reputable line player Branko Kankaras leaves Meshkov Brest. 

The center back Melnyicsuk and right winger Hornyak both had their opportunity to play for Veszprem's first team and get their SEHA minutes. 18-years old Melnyicsuk, who continues his career in the Ukrainian Motor Zaporozhye, has worn the first team jersey of Veszprem seven times this season, three of which in the SEHA – Gazprom League scoring four goals. On the other hand, a year older Hornyak, remains in Hungary, signing for Grundfos Tatabanya. Young Hungarian winger has made three appearances in SEHA – Gazprom League this season, in which he scored nine goals.

There has also been a new transfer in Belarus. Meshkov Brest have decided to end their cooperation with Montenegrin Branko Kankaras. This 32-year-old has changed a few clubs by starting his career in Serbian clubs Jugovic, Metalopastika and Vojvodina, where he also played in the SEHA League before Meshkov. He also wore the jersey of Turkish Merzin, French Valence, and then Istres. This season he played 12 matches, scoring 19 goals. Eventually, he decided to change the environment and sign a one-year contract with Metalurg from Skopje.

We wish them the best of luck in their new adventures!