Tribute to Stole, a heart and a soul of Vardar!

Stojanche Stoilov

''Vardar is my club. I have been supporting Vardar my whole life, since I was a little boy. For me and my family, it means a lot. I'm a local boy and everything here has its significance.''

Some are leaving, others are coming, but Stojanche Stoilov is always there, carrying 'Red and black' colours in his heart, in good and in bad, through victories and through defeats. The only one with Igor Karacic to win all of Vardar's five SEHA titles.

Macedonian and Vardar's giant, a fans favorite, a truly inspirational person, the captain of the golden Vardar's generation. A man with a big heart and a boyish smile, a devoted and unbeatable fighter on the line.

Above all, a team player, which he proved letting Karacic, his former teammate and a great friend, to lift the Champions League trophy last season.

It's a huge honor to watch him on SEHA's courts, whether on the line, on the bench or at the stands – wherever, Stojanche is the loudest Vardar's supporter.

Vardar's captain is a part of SEHA – Gazprom League from its very beginnings. We talk about nine outstanding seasons in which he recorded 190 goals in 120 appearances, numbers that define him as a crucial part of Vardar's fairy tale. He was progressing as a player and as a person through those nine years in SEHA League, but the feeling is mutual. Not many leagues can boast about having such a player in their lines.

33 years ago, a heart and a soul of Vardar was born. Thank you, Stojanche, for being average in basketball and turning to handball when you were 18 years old. This sport would not be the same without you.

We wish you, in ours and the names of each and every SEHA supporter, happy birthday!