Meet our Best 7 from eight SEHA Final 4 tournaments!

Slavlje Final 4

Spectacular SEHA – Gazprom League final tournaments are really prestigious sporting events featuring some of the best handball players in the world. For some of them, our league opened the doors towards Europe’s best clubs. We’ll however always remember first steps and moments that led towards them achieving what they’ve once only dreamed of. SEHA Final 4 tournaments are definitely an important part of that which is why we’re this time bringing you best of the best from our previous final tournaments.

Goalkeeper: Arpad Sterbik (Vardar-Telekom Veszprem)
Legendary giant between posts and one of the best goalkeepers of all time. Some of the best saves of his career were made under our bright SEHA lights. Eight SEHA Final 4 matches are behind him, 58 saves and two gold medals.

Left wing: Timur Dibirov (Vardar)
Experts are repeatedly declaring him the best yet every time he’s out there he is playing like he still has something to prove. Timur Dibirov was a part of all of Vardar’s final tournament runs back from 2014. Key player when you need him the most, unstoppable in every meaning of that word. He has 12 Final 4 matches behind him, four titles and 43 goals.

Left back: Momir Ilic (Telekom Veszprem)
Biggest, most important name of Serbian handball from the last decade decided to call it a career at the end of the last season. Despite of that, he’ll forever remain an inspiration to all the future generations. Six SEHA Final 4 matches are behind him, as well as, two titles and 29 goals. By that, he is Telekom Veszprem’s best scorer on SEHA Final 4 tournament.

Centre back: Igor Karacic (Vardar)
Heart and soul of Vardar, fan-favorite and a gem who has managed to prove that everything is possible. Only player, along with Stojanche Stoilov, to win five SEHA titles with Vardar. He spent incredible seven years in Skopje with Macedonia becoming his second home and SEHA a symbol for the best, most precious moments of his life. Brilliant 16 SEHA Final 4 matches are behind him, as well as, 47 goals which makes him the best ‘Red&Black’ Final 4 scorer of all time.

Right back: Dainis Kristopans (Tatran Presov-Meshkov Brest-Vardar)
Latvian giant was carrying Vardar on last season’s Final 4 and was given most valuable player of the tournament title last season in Brest. He has appeared in 12 Final 4 matches scoring 50 goals and adding 26 assists. Interesting is that he was really growing as a player on SEHA courts appearing on final tournaments for three teams – Tatran Presov, Meshkov Brest and Vardar. And the best souvenir he’s taken from Skopje are those two SEHA gold medals.

Right wing: Zlatko Horvat (PPD Zagreb)
Face of PPD Zagreb where he’s spent his entire over 20-year-long career. Irreplaceable right winger, player who knows no limits. Behind him are 17 Final 4 matches and a grand total of 88 goals – 36 of which came from the seven-meter line. His trophy room features SEHA gold medal as well, but that’s not all. Zlatko Horvat is also the best scorer of SEHA final tournaments and most valuable player of the tournament back from 2012.

Line player: Rastko Stojkovic (Meshkov Brest-Vojvodina)
Nine matches on SEHA – Gazprom League final tournaments, two silver medals and 56 goals. Those are the numbers for Rastko Stojkovic. 'Superman' is also Meshkov Brest’s best scorer. His rhythm never goes unseen and the amount of hustle he delivers on the line is incredible.

Each and every of these players left a massive mark on SEHA - Gazprom League and we are extremely proud of all the players who started their respective careers on our courts.