Alushovski: “It wouldn't be undeserved if Nexe managed to win this in the end“

Stevche Alushovski

Nexe - Vardar 30:31 (15:15) 

(Pesic 7, Kevic 5, Car 8 saves / Dibirov 12, Skube 6)

Stevche Alushovski, Vardar coach:
This was only the first half of this matchup. It wouldn't be undeserved if Nexe managed to win this in the end but this time we were a bit luckier. Second leg is waiting for us in a week time and I assure you we'll be ready to deliver another strong performance and reach Final 4.

Ivan Cupic, Vardar player:
We've had a lot of problems throughout the game but in the end we've managed to come out on top after taking advantage of some of mistakes hosts made today. Game was tense and narrow until the very end. Eventually we were a bit luckier today.

Hrvoje Horvat, Nexe coach:
I'd like to congratulate Vardar on this win here today and I will add we've played a good, courageous match while Macedonians showed experience in playing matches like this one. They have individual quality. Attacking part of our game was solid but on the defensive side we'll have to be more careful. I'd like to congratulate my guys on their performance and thank fans for being here for us. We're looking forward to the game in Skopje.

Zivan Pesic, Nexe player:
I feel like experience Vardar have decided this one. We have a week now to prepare for the rematch. Overall I believe we played a good game despite of the fact we've made some mistakes on the defensive side of the ball. Despite of that, I'd like to congratulate my teammates on their performance today.