Davis: “We'll be even better in the second leg!“

David Davis

Vojvodina - Telekom Veszprem 26:31 (10:15) 

(Stojkovic 9 / Strlek 7, Szekely 6 saves) 

David Davis, Veszprem coach:
Our main goal was to win the match and we did it. We knew Vojvodina have a good team. Honestly, we didn’t have much time to prepare for this one which is why I’m sure we’ll be better in the second leg. Congrats to my colleague Boris Rojevic on everything he’s done and still is doing for this team. I’m sure our second match will be a good one as well.

Blaz Blagotinsek, Veszprem player:
We opened the game well but in the second half defense was simply not on the required level. By that, we failed to convert some great looks but, even despite of that, we were able to stay in control of the game. Vojvodina definitely have a good team and we won’t have an easy job in the second leg either.

Boris Rojevic, Vojvodina coach:
We were a bit nervous in opening ten minutes of the game allowing Veszprem to open the gap. We missed way too many chances to score easy goals, especially in the first half. Still, I have to say I’m satisfied with the way we performed today. Veszprem is, in my opinion, maybe the best team in the world right now and we’ve today showcased talent we have.

Milan Mirkovic, Vojvodina player:
We’ve had our chances to additionally narrow the gap and that’s something we can regret. You simply have to deliver a perfect outing if you want to cope with Veszprem. Good thing is we’ve felt what it is like to play against such a team and I’m sure we’ll do our best in the second game as well.