Stojkovic: “Matches like this are offering a chance to grow and improve“

Rastko Stojkovic

Fans in Novi Sad will on Sunday (13.00 CET) witness a real spectacle with one of the strongest teams in Europe – Hungarian Telekom Veszprem, coming to visit as a part of SEHA – Gazprom League Quarter finals.

Coach Rojevic and his guys are having a really good season already winning two national Cup trophies (Super Cup and All-Serbian Cup), reaching Cup ‘Dr. Branislav Pokrajac’ Final 4 and coming only a step away from SEHA Final 4 tournament. By that, they have also recently signed experienced line-player Rastko Stojkovic who will most certainly help them a lot in the finish of the season.

Hungarians are on the other side aware that in this part of the season mistakes are not allowed. Two-time SEHA champions finished the group stage on first position earning a direct ticket for Quarter finals. After a tough finish of EHF Champions League group stage, knock-out part of the season begins on Sunday in Novi Sad.

Boris Rojevic, Vojvodina coach:
We will play against one of the best European teams, maybe the main favorites for the title. They are absolute favorites but I remind you that no one had an easy time in Novi Sad so far this season. I expect my players to give their best. What I can promise is a big fight, no one should doubt it.

Rastko Stojkovic, Vojvodina player:
I’m really happy to be here, situation positively surprised me to be honest. Negotiations weren’t that long because I immediately noticed the level of professionalism. People running the club know what they want so it’s easy for me to fit in their system and I’m glad to be back. My first match will be against Veszprem who I’ve played against a lot of times throughout my career. Tough opponent but a big challenge. Matches like this are offering a chance to grow and improve which will be useful later in the season.

David Davis, Telekom Veszprem coach:
Knock-out matches are starting in both SEHA and Champions League which is why it will be important to be completely focused and forget about the regular part of the season. In such matchups, every goal is really important, just like winning the first game on the road. It will be good to see how we will react since everything is different now. Vojvodina deserve to be here. They have a good team with aggressive defense and a real good goalkeeper in Svetislav Verkic. It is not going to be easy to go there and win the match.

Mate Lekai, Telekom Veszprem playmaker:
This is going to be just like the Champions League – two matches that will decide who goes through to the final tournament. Of course we want to go to Novi Sad and win the match. I feel like we are a bit tired, fatigued but I know we’ll get over it and deliver our best outing when it matters the most. I trust in my team.