Meshkov reach another dominant win over BSU booking QF clash against Motor

Artsiom Selviasiuk

Meshkov Brest have once again showed their goal is to reach SEHA F4 tournament with two eighth-finals encounters against BSU proving to be nothing but a warm-up. Belarusians were once again dominant, this time reaching 41:23 (20:11) win over Chinese side. Coach Alonso and his guys will in SEHA - Gazprom League Play-Off quarter-finals face off against Motor Zaporozhye.

Quality difference was once again visible from the very first minute with Meshkov opening the gap early and keeping the tempo high. Coach Alonso was clearly eager to reach another decisive win playing with almost his strongest roster and only three new players – Yahor Budzeika, Ilya Usik and Ilya Tamashuk. Goalkeeper Usik finished the match with 13 saves including one saved penalty, left winger Tamashuk went 5/5 while right-handed Budzeika scored three.

Juncheng Wang scored five goals for Beijing SU while Qinglong Xie added four.