Rojevic: “I feel like we deserved to win this“


Metaloplastika - Vojvodina 24:25 (14:12)

(Milic 7, Kljajic 6 / Nikolic 7, Pribak 4)

Milan Vuckovic, Vojvodina player:
Our start was not as we expected, our attacking option with seven players was not confident. We'll have to work on that. Our defense was better in the second and keeper grabbed a few important saves.

Boris Rojevic, Vojvodina coach:
I feel like we deserved to win this. These offensive options with seven players were working really well in the preparation period but I feel like we've had some kind of psychological barrier today. We were not playing well in opening 20 minutes of the game and that's why we were five goals behind. During the half-time break we've made a few arrangements and everything was working way better. Defense was not good in the first either as we've allowed them to score 11 in opening 18 minutes. We were not as aggressive as we should have been. Later when we were better on the defensive end everything seemed to work better and our goalkeeper Verkic had a few saves sealing the deal in this one.

Milan Milic, Metaloplastika player:
We opened the match the way we wanted to. We were good in transition but in the second half we failed to keep up. Honestly I don't know why. I feel like if we did we would have won this match.

Veselin Vukovic, Metaloplastika coach:
Well-deserved win for Vojvodina. They were better in decisive moments of this one. We've had a lot of problems during the preparation period having a lot of absences due to minor injuries. Experience and quality of Vojvodina's players was crucial as they had a lot more solutions on the offensive side of the court. I think the fact we failed to widen the gap when we were already five goals ahead proved to be crucial in the end because we should have decided winner in that period. I feel like we lacked physical strength but despite of that we have to be realistic and congratulate them. Goal is to prepare well, be a worthy opponent in the second game and try to surprise them.