Vojvodina edge Metaloplastika in Sabac as Nikolic scores seven

Metaloplastika - Vojvodina

Vojvodina have managed to defeat Metaloplastika 25:24, with the youngest player on the court Jovica Nikolic scoring the decisive goals five seconds before the final whistle to help his team secure one-goal advantage before the second leg in Slana bara sports hall.

Home team led by coach Veselin Vukovic had an impressive defensive start of the match helping their back players Babic, Gojkovic and Milic gain self-confidence. Right back Milan Milic scored four in a row to put his team 13:8 up with Dejan Babic later putting his team six goals ahead with seven minutes left on the clock in the first. However, Serbian champs finished the first half off strongly with four goals in a row to bring them back to only -2 (14:12).

Vojvodina opened the second half better levelling the match a little over ten minutes into the second half when Bogdan Meduric netted for 17:17.

Match was tight and narrow until the very end when Vukovic called for a time-out with a little over a minute to go. However, Svetislav Verkic saved the shot providing his team with a chance to win the game. In the final attack Jovica Nikolic took advantage of the save scoring his seventh of the night to win the game for Vojvodina.

Top scorers of both teams were right backs - Milan Milic and Jovica Nikolic with seven each.