EHF EURO 2020, Day 16: Croatia is in the FINALS

Zlatko Horvat

Norway - Croatia 28:29 (10:12) 
Croatia is making their dreams come true at the EHF EURO 2020. In the first semi-final match of the day, ”Cowboys” played one of the most dramatic matches after which they booked a ticket for the finals. This is their first appearance in the finals after 10 year pause. 
It is hard to desrcibe this match as it was full of comebacks, ups and downs. Croatia was visibly better in the first half. They had few opportunities to cruise past Norway and secure 4 goals advantage, but after first 30 minutes, Croatia was 2 goals up. In the second half Norway started to get closer and eventually they equalized. Croatia had the last attack but failed to score for the victory. 
Then the teams entered overtime. Players on both sides were tired but were trying their hardest to outsmart the other side and leave the hall in a victorious way. After 20 minutes, Croatia scored for 29:28 in the last seconds and made their dream come true. 
Zlatko Horvat was exceptional in this match with 4 goals while David Mandic added 2. 

Croatia will face Spain in the finals. They were better than Slovenia 34:32 in the second semi-final match. 

Photo credit: Kolektiff Images