EHF EURO 2020, Day 11: narrow win for Hungary

Hungary vs Slovenia

Day 11 at the EHF EURO 2020 was reserved for clashes in Group II of the Main round. The only SEHA League country that was placed in that group, Hungary delivered narrow win against Slovenia and got back on the winning track. 

(Group II) Slovenia - Hungary 28:29 (16:13)
Hungary entered the match more concetrated and had 3:1 lead in the 5th minute. But soon Slovenia warmed up and not only equalized, but took over the advantage. They were holding onto that lead all the way to the end of the first half as they looked more put together on the court. Two minutes before the half-time, they increased the gap to 4 goals. The action on the court in the second half got more intense and Hungary made a comeback in the 40th minute. Their play bacame better and they were looking more confident compared to the first half. But, Slovenia was still holding good and did not give up until the last minute. In the end, the victory went to Hungarian side. Marton Szekely contributed in this victory with 2 saves between the posts. On the other side, Borut Mackovsek shined with 5 goals. Alongside him, Blaz Blagotinsek also performed well with 4 goals scored for Slovenia. 

Photo credit: Kolektiff Images