EHF EURO 2020, Day 9: Hungary defeated in their first Main round match


All SEHA League countries have played their first matches in the Main round of EHF EURO 2020. After Croatia and Belarus started the Main round in Group I yesterday, Hungary opened this phase in Group II against Norway. 

(Group II) Norway - Hungary 36:29 (20:12)
Start of the main round was not ideal for Hungary. In their opening match of this phase, the hosts, Norway defeated them with 36:29 result. Hosts dominated on the court at the start of the match and had early 4:0 lead. Their dominance continued in the next few minutes and they increased that gap to 8:1. After such start, Hungary did not manage to find the right rythm and recipe for Norway. They tried to decrease that gap at the start of the second one and got to -5 goals difference, but did not go any further. Marton Szekely had 6 saves between the Hungarian posts. 

Photo credit: Kolektiff Images