EHF EURO 2020, Day 8: Croatia continue winning streak, Germany too strong for Belarus

Zlatko Horvat

Main round have started and two SEHA countries played their first matches there. Croatia continued their winning streak as they defeated the hosts, Austria. Belarus, on the other hand, did not have such great opening of the Main round. Germany was too strong and Belarusian team did not deliver new victory. 

(Group I) Croatia - Austria 27:23 (13:8) 
Main round of the EHF EURO 2020 could not have a better start for Croatia. After all three victories in the Preliminary round, Croatia have added one more. They were better than hosts, Austria 27:23. First moments of the match showed that both teams are eager to take the points tonigh, but both of them made some mistakes due to the stake of this match. Croatia scored first in the 4th minute, while Austria netted for the first time in the 5th. Croatia stepped up the level of their play and got in the lead. With +4 in the 18th minute, it was clear that they are in control of the first half. They continued good performance in the second one. For the most time, teams played goal by goal. Even though Austria managed decrease the gap to -4, they didn't go any further. Zlatko Horvat was Croatia's best scorer in this one with 6 goals. David Mandic also had important role in this victory with 4 goals, while Marin Sipic added one.  

(Group I) Belarus - Germany 23:31 (11:18) 
Start of the Main round was not so successful for Belarus who faced defeat. Team Germany was better this time with 31:23 result. From the very beginning, Germany had control over the match and secured early advantage which only got bigger as time went by. Belarus did not have an answer today to the opponents' play. Mikita Vailupau scored 4 goals today, while Andrei Yurynok and Maxim Baranau each scored one for Belarus. 

Photo credit: Kolektiff Images