Lanevich: “It wasn't an easy match for us but we tried to deliver our maximum“

Rostislav Lanevich

Motor Zaporozhye - Vojvodina 37:29 (18:15)
(Tasic 6, Kovacevic 6, Rogan 6 / Malasinskas 6) 

Dragan Kukic, Vojvodina assistant coach:
Today we were playing with our younger players and simply lacked experience and physical strength. I'd like to thank and congratulate Motor on their performance here today, they really showcased their entire potential. However, I am satisfied with the way we performed because we delivered solid resistance.

Jovan Abramovic, Vojvodina player:
Very good match for us considering the fact most of our players played SEHA League for the first time. We tried to show ourselves in the best possible light and I think we all gained valuable experience.

Rostislav Lanevich, Motor Zaporozhye coach:
It wasn't an easy match for us considering we're still recovering from a long flight but we tried to deliver our maximum. Despite of the fact the outcome of this one was not really of any importance, we went out with an intention to win it. We've experimented a lot today with a lot of younger players getting additional experience. Main thing is we've managed to come out on top and now we have to start preparing for remaining two national championship matches which is why we have to stay focused.

Oleksandr Kasai, Motor Zaporozhye player:
Some aspects of our play today were good, some weren't. Perhaps all the flights impacted that because we're at the moment dealing with a lot of fatigue. Of course, there are always mistakes but we'll do our best to improve.