Motor Zaporozhye going for another home win against Vojvodina

Motor Zaporozhye

Ukrainian champions Motor Zaporozhye will on Monday (20.45 local time) welcome Vojvodina in a postponed match in which they will be looking to secure new points and come closer to Vardar who are holding the top spot in Group A. 

After securing a win in the last round against Beijing Sport University, Motor will definitely be motivated to deliver another great outing, this time in front of their fans. However, Vojvodina are on the other side full of confidence as well after managing to come out on top against Tatran levelling themselves with Slovakian champs in the group standings. Win would get them a lot close to Motor who are at the moment six points in front. 

In their premier clash of the season Serbian champions managed to come on top 25:22. 

Rostislav Lanevich, Motor Zaporozhye coach:
We will prepare as we usually do although we won’t have a lot of time. However, despite of everything, we’ll play to win it. Theoretically, win would keep our hopes of finishing on top of the standings alive. We’ve already lost to them once this season and the main goal is to draw conclusions from that match in order to adjust our play and deliver a better performance in front of our fans. 

Oleksandr Kasai, Motor Zaporozhye player:
Goal is to win the match. Opponents however have a very good team, team that it’s really not easy to play against. They have a mix of both young and experienced players. Schedule we’re dealing with at the moment is quite tight but I feel like we’re using it to our advantage progressing and growing from match to match. Tomorrow we’ll try to deliver best possible performance and win. 

Dragan Kukic, Vojvodina assistant coach:
This will be our second attempt to go to Ukraine. This time we’ve decided for at least seven or eight first-team players to stay in Novi Sad along with coach Boris Rojevic. Goal in this one will be to give younger players a chance to prove themselves and to see whether we can count on them in the future.

Srdjan Milic, Vojvodina player:
We’ll try to surprise Ukrainians despite of the fact we’re going there with a weakened roster. We’ve been playing well in the last few matches and this has without doubt been our best SEHA season so far. Another test, before those key play-off matches, is now ahead of us.