Vojvodina and Tatran Presov come together for another book donation

Book donation

Vojvodina and Tatran Presov once again showed their solidarity and proved that this beautiful time of year is truly time of giving. Good relationship between the clubs was crowned through another action of donating books. In this one, county Presov with help from the local community and fans from Presov as well as help from clubs Tatran Presov and Vojvodina donated books to the local library “Stefan Homola“ in Backi Petrovac, Slovakian village near Novi Sad. The book donation ceremony took place in the half-time of the match between Vojvodina and Tatran Presov on Saturday, December 7th and was attended by Ana Spelak, “Stefan Homola“ library director and Miloslav Chmeliar, Tatran Presov president.

“We bring books every year from Presov to our cousins in Croatia and Serbia so they can see how it is in Slovakia. We want to bring books from Presov to Vojvodina next year, too“, excitedly shared Miloslav Chmeliar, Tatran Presov president. 

“Stefan Homola“ library director, Ana Spelak is also enthusiastic about this action and hopes that this tradition will be continued. “This time they have visited and they are welcomed in our library “Stefan Homola“, in Backi Petrovac. I want to thank a lot in the name of my team“, she added.